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Teej Songs Collections of 2011

"Teej" is the Hindu festival especially for women. It takes place in August or in early September. The festival is a three day long celebration that combines sumptuous feasts as well as rigid fasting. Hindu women pray for marital bliss,…

Aruna Lama : Songs with Lyrics – अरुणा लामाका सदाबहार गीतहरु

गीत: पोहोर साल….. गायिका: अरुणा लामा * -२ सास फेरे जस्तो लाग्छ, तर भन्छन् मरी सके मेरो भाग्य यतिनै, भोगचलन गरि सके सलाहा को मन मेरो, बच्ने ठेगान छैन भाग्य फाटे जोड्थे बरु, तर सिउने के ले हो सुख के हो दुख के हो, मन ले खोज्ने खुशी के हो…

Kumar Kanchha passes away!

Kumar Kanchha, a legendary Nepalese singer and a musician who contributed a lot in Nepali Music Industry, has passed today at the age of 53 at an Indian Hospital in India. He had been suffering from Spinal Chord and other various medical…