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Guitar Chords of Adrian Pradhan Songs

Song : Sara Khusi Rhythm No : 14 & 7 G        B                  C     D                  G Sara khusi sameti raakhi diye unkai poltoma –2 B                  C       Am Hera nirmohile aaja hera nirmohile aaja -2 C…

1974 AD Songs Lyircs

1974 AD are Nepalese rock band, formed in Kathmandu, Nepal in the early 1994s. They experiment with various genre of music including Nepali folk, ragas, rock, funk, blues and jazz as well. Sangeet Sansar collected lyrics of some of their…

Aath…Athara: Accepting the new 1974 AD (Review)

BY K BEDESHWAR As soon as I started going through all the tracks of 1974 AD’s recent release “Aath…Athara,” I could quite relate my feelings to that of singer Nima Rumba and choreographer Rachana Gurung Sharma who had told me that they…