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Kandara: Bhedi Gothaima – A comeback song


After the hibernation of around eight years, Kandara – one of the most prominent bands of Nepali Music Industry who swept the music industry by storm during 90’s is back with their pre recorded new track Bhedi Gothaima. The band needs no introduction. If you follow Nepali Music, Kandara band used to be household name in nineties.

Bhedi Gothaima has been penned by Saru Bhakta Shrestha, winner of Madan puraskaar, the most prestigious literary honour in Nepal. The song is composed and performed Kandara band. The band consists of three members lead by vocalist Bivek Shrestha followed by Sunil Thapa behind Drums and Buddha Raj Buddhacharya behind Keyboard and Guitar.

Bhedi Gothaima is a Nepali folk pop song or we can say modern folk song with Kandara’s trademark in it. If you are a Nepali music lover and the songs like “Leka Ki Hemaya”, “Timi Paari”, “HongKong Pokhara”, “Ma Aafai Dhamilo”, “Kahan Hideki”, “Tagaroma Rumal Rakhi”, to name a few are in your playlist in a repeat mode than this song is definitely the most have song in your playlist as wishlist for now. This song also makes you feel like any other songs of Kandara and takes you again to nineties right through the first chord.

Watch Kandara’s Bhedi Gothaima Video

Bhedi Gothaima is taken from Kandara’s upcoming album which is the fifth album of the band after eight years of “Barsaun Pachhi”. For the first time in Nepali Music Industry, Kandara released its song before recording which is going to set-up this trend in Nepal in near future. This song is getting positive feedback in Social Networking sites.

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