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अब सिम्पल सिम्पल कान्छीको डिम्पल Electro Mix र 3D Dance सहित


The song “Simple Simple Kanchhiko” from movie Andaj by Rekha Thapa has been a great hit in this year. We heard this song almost everywhere. Lots of folks performed their dance moves in this song in  bar, disco and even in festival like Tihar in deusi bhailo program. Here is the Electro Mix of this song by Dj Xhash. You find a different touch than that of original song.This guy has done a great job. Enjoy the song and the video.

[media url=”” width=”600″ height=”400″]

These days lots of guys are attracted towards 3D technology. We can see lots of movies and videos in 3D. So Dj “K” brings you a video of song “simple simple kanchhiko” from movie Andaj in 3D version. Enjoy the video and learn some dance moves.

[media url=”” width=”600″ height=”400″]

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  1. Ekendra says

    Interesting, btw who did the animation, any info?

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