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Biography of Sugam Pokhrel : Singer & RJ

Sugam Pokharel

Sugam Pokhrel (born 20 September, 1979 in Mangalbaaray, Morang) is one of the most renowned singers of Nepali Music Industry. He is also a popular RJ. He is well known as both singer and composer. He is the youngest child of two brothers and two sisters. He was a very shy kid in his child days. He used to listen the songs of Sanjay Shrestha, Deep shrestha and Harish Mathema which unknowingly influenced him towards his destiny.

From his earlier life he had an interest in music and used to sing in his school function and gatherings etc.Sugam Pokharel used to be praised for his voice which made him inspired to be a singer.He initially had no intension of becoming a singer.Soon after his SLC, he rushed away to kathmandu as all the students do.Initially having no desire to sing a song as a professional singer or having not any aim to be a singer,later he thought of recording a song and had a wish to record a song.Therefore with some pocket money that he had saved,He and His friend Sudin Pokharel popularly known DA 69 in music world recorded a song named ‘ma maya garchu’ but they did not released it because the song lacked good lyrics and composition.Secondly they recorded another song ‘Payera Timilai’ but it never tally their expectations. So they dropped the idea of recording songs. Then with the help of guitar, he started learning the chords. He also learnt music with sir CB Chettri for around three years. In this period, he got job as an RJ in Radio Sagarmatha.

At the end of the year 2058, Sugam recorded his third song “Mero Sansar” which comprised of his own lyrics and composition. The song was released. People loved the song. Sugam Pokhrel was successful to throw an impact on the music lovers. Then followed another single songle “pheri tyo din” which successfully captured the no. 1 position of music countdowns for months and months. With two popular single songs in row, Sugam’s debut album “Shunya” hit the music stands. The album was the great success. Overnight, Sugam Pokhrel turned into a popular music star.

His hobbies includes listening to music, watching television and playing guitar. He also reads novels of Laxmi Prasad Devkota and Dhurba Chandra Gatam. His favorite Nepali Singers are Narayan Gopal, Bhakta Raj Acharya, Ambar Gurung, Nabin K Bhattrai, Sur Sudha, Sanjay Shrestha.Good music all around influences him a lot. Sugam Pokhrel is one among few nepali singers who have actively been participating in lots of stage shows.

Sugam Pokhrel is the one among few nepali singers who is continuously giving a hit numbers from the beginning of his carrier till now. Sugam is popular for his versatile singing. He will be using his singing talent in different genre. He therefore was able to get a lot of rewards including ‘Hits FM New Best Artist Award’ ,’Hits FM Best Male Vocal Pop,Top 1 Pop Singer and Album of the Year  School Pathashala at 11th anniversary of Radio Kantipur “Radio Rastrako”  and lot more.His voice proved to be a great boon to the Nepali music.

Nowadays, Sugam Pokharel is working for his new album “Silanyas” which is all set to hit the market in near future. He said that, in this very new album he is going to include lok-pop genre songs.

And here are some popular music videos of Sugam Pokhrel
Runna Bhanthe….

Samhalincha Kahile Man…..

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