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Uglyz is Back


There is good news for the fans of the ‘The Uglyz’ as they are back with their second album  ‘The Transit. Sarun Tamrakar, Sudip Tamrakar and Rakin Shrestha initiated their musical journey since 1996. They released their first album Rush five years ago.
These days the band is busy in completing and releasing their second album. Lately, they have been performing in various places like Kathmandu, Pokhara. Vocalist Sarun Tamrakar recently informed that the album will be soon available in the market after the completion of two music videos.

  1. Zanak says

    welcome guyz…

  2. RRijal says

    they shall reign !

  3. Anonymous says

    U r hell'f a good looking guy…I still remember saying that to myself when I first watched your video "aaudai Jaadai" :)..I'm sorry I've got nothing much to say about the song…I've got to listen to it plenty of times to make any kind'f judgement..Just wanted to let you know that you've disappointed us to some degree by tying the knot so early…but still we love you….

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